Making Spirituality Relevant for Entrepreneurs

It’s a real world. It’s time to be real in it.

Consciousness, Love, Emotional Intelligence,

Wisdom trumps Intelligence + Women Entrepreneurs

 Make Your Impact




You have arrived at the place where Courage meets Consciousness!

Are you looking for more meaning and purpose in your life and work?

  • Ready for a radical transformation?
  • Wondering if what you want is possible?
  • Hungry for more soulful connection?

I want to support your transformation.

The world is hungry for your impact.

You’re ready for you to release your wild soul.

I can help. Here is how:

My work is to get your work, courageously, out into the world.

Fear be damned. You’ve got Soulful Impact to make.

I’ll coach you to courage with the backing of consciousness. You’ll be more in alignment with your spiritual integrity, market with the leverage of love and do you with wild soul.

My Native American background influences my spiritual perspective which means that the back drop for all my work is informed by that cosmology. Community trumps team building every time. Love trumps bravado. Depth smashes superficiality to peaces (pieces) and humility puts ego in it’s place. Because the Universe is our teacher we learn the courage to be who without apology. Cool, right?


I speak. I name. I coach.

I Speak about Consciousness. I call business and entrepreneurs to invite transformation into their structures. The guidance of indigenous wisdom offers a profound and simple approach to deepen interconnectedness among co-workers, emotional intelligence, and solution + resolution orientation.?

I speak because giving great content is my gift. I’ve been told that I have a talent for making what seems ethereal, practical and tangible. After all, what good is wisdom if you can’t make it work for you?

My Native American background influences my spiritual perspective which means that the back drop for speaking is formed by that cosmology. Get a closer look – here at my speaker page.


Courageous Coaching

I coach the courageous entrepreneur because they are the most exciting influence for transformation that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. The clients that hire me do so as act of freedom and spiritual integration. They are taking the gloves off and living life as they’ve always knew they should. And we they do they make the difference they knew they would.

You want to include spiritual integrity as part of your business platform. You are about transforming how business gets done. Count on your intuition to see what’s next and your brain to execute it. Lead with the right brain, produce with the left. Yes, I can bring that.

You want someone bold, like yourself, to hold you to your vision while calling forth your courage to get the job done. Yes, I have that in droves.

I also work with those brave souls leaving corporations to start their entrepreneurial journey. You and I will work together to shift you into the power of choice, self awareness and right action to make it real. Congruency. Consistency. Purpose. These are your new friends. Here is more information on coaching together.


 Your Soul Wants In On Your Business

I Name Your Soul’s Identity. I’m wildly intuitive and thus can hear in you what wants to be named. Soul Identity Naming was created by a call from entrepreneurs. They came a knocking for a resonant truth telling language and I brought my ancestors wisdom. Those innovative, way ahead of the crowd folks that want a language, a name that spoke at the level their creations came from. The corporate, linear language didn’t capture the true essence of their work. Naming does.

Soul Identity Naming is the game changer extraordinaire. It’s a take ownership of who you are; understanding what you create is unique and needed. You can’t play safe to be safe anymore than you can sanitize your truth to makes others feels safe. Nope. Naming is about boldly saying who you are so your right clients can find you.

In the Native American tradition we name our people to live into who they are with complete permission and without apology. It’s so profound that it is a ceremony. It is a holy healing thing to be named, my friend.

I name you to take the cloak of invisibility off, to know your depth and beauty and to get out in the world to share yourself in a honest refreshing way. That’s the power of Naming.


It’s all about You. And, that is more than okay.

It has to be about you at some profound level. Your vision. Your way. Your creation. Without you it’s…. well it’s someone else’s stuff. If your way wasn’t applicable you wouldn’t exist.

Soul Identity Naming is for you because are done with playing nice and trying to fit you ideas into a language that has no power and doesn’t represent them.